Remittance System

Remittance Management system (RMS) is a comprehensive client-server windows based multi user remittance tracking system for retailers as well as remittance agents. Some of the key features include sender management (including Local walk-in, Local corporate, Local Agent and Foreign walk-in, Foreign corporate & Foreign Agent), beneficiary (receiver) management and tracking of the remittance and transactions. The system allows performing customer due diligence (CDD)/ECDD and anti-money laundering (AML) for suspicious transactions though integrated Bankers Accuity AML & PEP database in real-time. It also provides various reports generation functions including the reporting standards specified by Monitory of Singapore Authority, daily reports and management reports and MAS quarterly report.


Key features that we provide:

  • Security – User authentication and authorization
  • Configuration Management – Management of system settings
  • Receiver Management – Management of customer details
  • Currency Management – Management of currencies (including rate & range setup)
  • Transaction Management – Outward, Inward and TT transactions
  • Reports – Daily Reports, Management Reports and MAS Reports (including AML reports)
  • MAS Compliance
  • STRO/CBNI Reporting, Risk Assessment and On-Going Monitoring